CDC of Quinte

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Current Community Development Council of Quinte publications include:

  • Quinte Kids (2006)

  • The Forest Through The Trees: An Analysis of Third Sector in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties (March 2005)

  • Child Participation in Recreation (February 2005)

  • Quality of Life Index (June 2004)

  • Demographic Review of Hastings County (June 2003)

  • Assessing the State of Food Security in Belleville, Ontario (February 2002)

  • Community Well Being Index (June 2001)

  • Quality of Life Index 1998

  • Quality of Life Index 1997


No longer available in print, but may be available electronically:

  • Quality of Life Index 2000

  • Quality of Life Index 1999

  • Home Sweet Home (2000)

  • Report of The Hastings & Prince Edward Housing Authority Tenant Needs Identification Survey Response (1994)

  • Task Force On Hunger (1991)

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