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Where We Live Matters (September 2013)
Community Development Halton has followed with attention the growth of neighbourhood development initiatives across North America and Europe. We celebrate the strong sense of place- based work where neighbourhood residents generate the social capital necessary to create activities that enhance the quality of their lives and, ultimately, build community organizations to sustain these efforts. “Where We Live Matters” is an exploration into what we already know about neighbourhood development, what successes exist and what challenges continue especially in these changing and turbulent times. “Where We Live Matters” is a journey marked by learning, hope and possibilities of well-being.

Calculating a Living Wage in Halton - A Discussion Paper (April 2013)
This report documents the process and data used in the calculation of a living wage for Halton Region. It is intended to initiate a dialogue on the concept of a living wage in the context of poverty reduction. It also provides an opportunity for discussion of the various household expenditures included in the calculation.

Action on Poverty Profiles (January 2013)
A new series of profiles on the reality of poverty in Halton’s electoral ridings titled “Action on Poverty” from Community Development Halton. The reports are part of a larger series of 53 profiles, one for each riding in the GTA and Hamilton coordinated by the Social Planning Network of Ontario.

Each profile contains facts and figures about poverty and challenges facing residents in each of the ridings. They identify how the work of community groups, service providers and advocacy groups in communities across the Golden Horseshoe are coming together to challenge poverty. These stories call attention to the wide range of anti-poverty initiatives that are taking place within each community and across Ontario. 


Story Behind the Stats

The Action on Poverty Riding Profiles are a joint initiative of the Halton, Durham, Hamilton, Peel, Toronto and York social planning organizations. Individually, they offer a 'snapshot' of the extent and nature of poverty in 53 of the provincial/federal ridings in the 'Golden Horseshoe,' as well as an example of a positive initiative that addresses poverty at the local level. Viewed collectively, these profiles paint a portrait of poverty across the region, and offer an impressive array of responses to this critical challenge to our region.

Action on Poverty Riding Profiles Overview

Youth Confidence in Learning and the Future: Mobilizing Youth as Agents of Change in Milton (May 2012)
The Town of Milton is a place that has changed enormously. The population of the Town of Milton soared from 31,470 to 84,362 between 2001 and 2011, representing a 168% increase over that 10 year period. It is in this crucible that we launched the study, Youth Confidence in Learning and the Future: Mobilizing Youth as Agents of Change in Milton, where we explored the following questions:

  • Do young people have confidence in learning (in and out of school) and the future?
  • What are young people's feelings about their learning experiences and their learning environments?

The Canadian Education Association (CEA), the Halton District School Board (HDSB) and Community Development Halton (CDH) sought to gain a better understanding of how youth living in Milton are feeling about themselves, their learning and their future. This youth engagement and research initiative involves students as partners in school and in community change and examines how young people's confidence in their learning affects their aspirations, their confidence in the future and their belief that they can act on the world to have a positive impact.

Profile of Newcomers to Halton (February 2012)
In January 2010, in a coordinated planning session hosted by the Halton Multicultural Council, more than 15 organizations identified the need for coordinated cross-sector planning targeted at improving quality of life for newcomers. There was general agreement for a local coordinated newcomer planning initiative, the Halton Newcomer Strategy (HNS), which would assist stakeholders to move the community forward.

In March 2010, the HNS received funding from Citizenship and Immigration Canada for a twelve month Local Immigration Partnership Project (LIP). The goal of the initiative is to research the newcomer community in Halton, identify available settlement services and work with partners to develop a local settlement strategy, based on community consultations. This report titled "Profile of Halton Newcomers" is a component of the deliverables. This document researches and reports on the immigrant population in the Halton community, available settlement services and the capacity of the service providers.

Honouring the Voices of Marginalized Communities: A Participatory Research Experience (June 2011)
Community Development Halton recently embarked on a journey of relationship and trust building in the Halton community amongst those living in marginalized circumstances.
Through community soundings in community spaces and in places such as community suppers, food banks, BBQs and coffee shops, the research team asked two questions:

  1. What is going well for you?
  2. What are your biggest headaches?

The response to those two question provided a snap shot into the social determinants of health for those rarely consulted and not acknowledged in a prosperous community. Community leaders identified through the community sounding process were hired and trained to conduct a community survey to build on those initial findings. The survey further defined factors that impact health for those living in marginalized communities.

Gender Inequality: Halton’s Story (May 2011)
This report focuses on income inequality, trends and circumstances of poverty for half of the population – women. They are our spouses, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, relatives, friends and neighbours.

Report Cards on Poverty in Oakville
This series of three report cards, prepared on the behalf of the United Way of Oakville, provide an overview of poverty as it affects three population groups: seniors, newcomers and families. Follow the links below to read more:

Incomes & Poverty Report - Burlington
This report explores the social and spatial dimensions of poverty by various population groups such as newcomers, people living with disabilities, seniors and children. The findings will help to inform the public, government, funders and social service agencies and stimulate discussions about poverty in our community especially the growing economic hardship brought about by the recent economic events.

Changing Faces – Profile of Burlington Newcomers (November 2010) Full Report
The United Way of Burlington & Greater Hamilton and Community Development Halton sensed that the face of Burlington is changing. Through their partnership, UWBGH and CDH launched a study to look at Burlington’s newcomers by investigating who they are and where they live. This report documents the changing face of the newcomer population in Burlington and provides a resource for government, business and the social service sector to provide the resources and supports for them to join us as full members of our community.


A Recovery Free Zone: The Halton Bulletin (November 2010) Full Report
The Halton Bulletin presents local results from A Recovery-Free Zone, a one-year province-wide follow-up survey conducted by the Social Planning Network of Ontario (SPNO) on the impact of the economic downturn on nonprofit community social service agencies in Ontario. Thirty four Halton agencies took part in the 2010 follow-up survey. Among the results, the report documents that demand for services is rising, agencies are unable to meet this demand, communities continue to feel the effects of the economic downturn and agency workers are caught in the squeeze.

2010 Annual Report (September 2010)

Seniors Roundtable Discussions: A Community's Path to an Age-Friendly City (April 2010) Full Report


Poverty in Ontario: Failed Promise and the Renewal of Hope Full Report


Changing Faces - Profile of Oakville Newcomers(January 2010) Full Report


Economic Recession: Impact on Oakville Serving Agencies (January 2010) Full Report


Social Profile of Milton 2009: A Changing Social Landscape (October 2009) Full Report


2009 Annual Report(September 2009) Full Report


Social Profile of Halton 2009 (April 2009) Full Report


A Social Profile of Burlington 2009 (March 2009) Full Report


Aging Actively in Burlington (November 2008) Full Report Executive Summary


2008 Annual Report (September 2008)


Halton Community Conversation On Poverty Reduction: MPP Consultation (June 27, 2008)


A Legacy for the Future: An Ontario Poverty Reduction Strategy
Presentation at Poverty Consultation – Oakville June 27, 2008

2007 Annual Report (June 2007) Full Report PDF

Pushing The Limits
Challenges of Halton’s Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Labour Force
(March 2007)

News Release - March 1, 2007

More information on the Pushing The Limits project

More Than A Roof Full ReportPDF
(January 2007)

A report on Best Practices for Transitional Housing Models for Homeless Youth in Halton. Prepared for Transitions for Youth

2005-2006 Annual Report (June 2006) Full Report pdf_sml.gif

A Social Profile of Burlington (January 2006) Full Report pdf_sml.gif

Social Profile of Oakville - An Overview (September 2005) Full Report pdf_sml.gif

2004-2005 Annual Report (June 2005) Full Report pdf_sml.gif

Report Card on Child Poverty 2005 (May 2005) Full Report pdf_sml.gif

Inclusive Cities Canada - Burlington: Community Voices, Perspectives and Priorities (March, 2005)

Media Release (PDF Version pdf_sml.gif )
Full Report pdf_sml.gif (1 MB)
Executive Summary and Recommendations pdf_sml.gif (136 K)
Burlington Civic Panel Members
pdf_sml.gif (35 K)
Inclusive Cities Canada - Backgrounder
pdf_sml.gif (50 K)
Inclusive Cities Canada - Question and Answer
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Inclusive Cities Canada - National website
National Media Release pdf_sml.gif (27 K)
Civic Panel Members by City
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2003-2004 Annual Report (June 2004) Full Report pdf_sml.gif

Developing the Diversity-Competent Organization - Manual

Funding Matters: A Warning and An Opportunity - Workshop Materials

Building Inclusive Communities: Cross-Canada Perspectives and Strategies
Prepared for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and The Laidlaw Foundation
by Peter Clutterbuck and Marvyn Novick
(made available through CDH with the permission of the author)
Full Report pdf_sml.gif (372 K)

The Quality of Life in Halton - Snapshot of a Decade (August 2003) Full Report pdf_sml.gif

Growing Up Black in Oakville by Maureen Brown (made available through CDH with the permission of the author)
Full Report
pdf_sml.gif (1.13 MB) Primer pdf_sml.gif (66 K) Recommendations pdf_sml.gif (56 K)

2002-2003 Annual Report (June 2003) Full Report pdf_sml.gif


Building Hope Together: Strategies for Creating Housing in Uncertain Times (March 2003) Full Report pdf_sml.gif Appendices pdf_sml.gif

Halton Official Plan Review: Embracing Smart Growth - Which Path? (January 2003) Full Report pdf_sml.gif OP Consultations pdf_sml.gif

Growing Old In Burlington (December 2002) Full Report pdf_sml.gif Highlights pdf_sml.gif

Employment and Employability Needs of the Deaf Community in Peel and Halton Regions (October 2002) Full Report pdf_sml.gif

2001-2002 Annual Report (June 2002) Full Report pdf_sml.gif

Halton 211 Feasibility Study (June 2002) Full Report pdf_sml.gif

A Profile of Literacy Skills and Needs for Halton (January 2002) Press Release Cost: $25.00

Open Space Conference - November 8, 2001: The Voluntary Sector & Volunteers: Building Our Future Together - Book of Proceedings (November 2001) Full Report pdf_sml.gif

Access to Capital: Issues for Micro-Entrepreneurs in Halton - A Discussion Paper (July 2001) Full Reportpdf_sml.gif Community Dispatch

Hidden Faces of Poverty (June 2001) Full Reportpdf_sml.gif Press Release Cost: $25.00

Hidden Faces of Poverty - Video (June 2001) Cost: $25.00

2000-2001 Annual Report (June 2001) Full Report pdf_sml.gif

A Social Profile of the Halton Visible Minority Population (February 2001) Full Reportpdf_sml.gif Press Release Community Dispatch Cost: $25.00

Oakville: An Audit of A Community in Transition (Sept. 2000) Full Reportpdf_sml.gif Executive Summarypdf_sml.gif Community Dispatch Cost: $25.00

The Quality of Life in Halton 2000 (June 2000)

Halton Social Profile 1999 (September 1999) Cost: $50.00

The Quality of Life in Halton 1999 (June 1999)

Halton Food Bank Study: Alternatives to Dependency (March 1999) Cost: $20.00

The Social Assistance Reform Act: An Information Package (December 1998) Cost: $10.00

The Quality of Life in Halton 1997 (December 1997)

Meeting Human Need: The Impact of Funding Restraints on Halton Agencies (January 1997) Full Reportpdf_sml.gif Cost: $15.00

"The Faces We Don't See": Poverty in Halton (July 1995) Cost: $5.00

Halton Social Profile: Urban Georgetown and Acton Summary (June 1995) Cost: $3.00

Halton Social Profile 1994: Population Indicators (December 1994) Cost: $10.00

Halton Social Profile 1994: Economic Indicators (December 1994) Cost: $10.00

Halton Social Profile 1994: Human Services Indicators (December 1994) Cost:


Halton Social Profile 1994: Halton Summary (December 1994) Cost: $3.00

Halton Social Profile 1994: Burlington Summary (December 1994) Cost: $3.00

Halton Social Profile 1994: Oakville Summary (December 1994) Cost: $3.00

Halton Social Profile 1994: Milton Summary (December 1994) Cost: $3.00

Halton Social Profile 1994: Halton Hills Summary (December 1994) Cost: $3.00

Halton Intergenerational Programs (June 1994) Cost: $4.00

Multiculturalism in Halton: Issues for Human Service Agencies (June 1994) Cost: $3.00

Wife Assault in Halton: Needs, Priorities & Strategic Directions (February 1993) Cost: $7.00

Community Needs in Halton: An Overview of 15 Recent Reports in Halton (December 1992) Cost: $7.00

Youth Unemployment in Halton: Update 1990 (April 1991) Cost: $3.00

"It Happens Here Too!": A Study of Women Abuse in Halton (March 1990) Cost: $12.00

The Housing Needs of Ex-Psychiatric Patients in Halton (March 1990) Cost: $2.00

Speech/Language Pathology Report Halton - 1990 (February 1990) Cost: $3.00

Trends in Volunteering (January 1989) Cost: $2.00

Motivating Volunteers (March 1987) Cost: $8.00