SPRC Perth-Huron


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The Heart of Community (2013)
A report on Volunteerism in Perth and Huron County (2013)

Opening the Door (2013)
A report on Violence Against Women in Perth and Huron Counties (2013)

Starting the Conversation (2012)
A report on Substance Abuse and Problem Gambling in Perth and Huron Counties.

The Road Ahead (2012)
A study of transportation needs across Huron and Perth Counties

Breaking the Silence (2009)
A Report on Elder Abuse in Perth County

Facing the Future (2009)
The Socio-economic Impact of the Global Recession on Stratford, St. Marys, and Perth County

It Affects Us All (2008)
A Report on Mental Illness in Perth County

Quality of Life in Perth County (2008)
A 2008 Profile