The Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area has released a report from a community consultation held on the Ontario Poverty Reduction Strategy. Giving a voice to poverty and its impact not only on individuals but also on the community was the goal of the January 21, 2014 Community Consultation. This project was a collaborative initiative with Linking Hands (a project of the House of Lazarus), the Poverty Working Group and the Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area, the Eastern Ontario Health Unit and the office of Jim McDonnell MPP.

The report catpures the strengths and challenges of the consultation experience. The recommendations require cooperation between all levels of government and communities.

The report has conflicting opitions due to the nature of the event, and are topics that need to be further explored.

REPORT - Stormont Dundas & Glengarry Community Consultation on the Ontario Poverty Reduction Strategy

Submission to the Standing Committee on Social Policy with respect to
Bill 152 - An Act respecting a long-term strategy to reduce poverty in Ontario
April 20, 2009



The Social Planning Network of Ontario (SPNO) is pleased to have this opportunity to present its views on Bill 152 to the Standing Committee on Social Policy of the Ontario Legislature.

March 17, 2009

Timely investments will reduce poverty but also stimulate local economies

Just four months ago, Ontarians congratulated our provincial government for committing to reduce child poverty by 25 per cent in the next five years.

We knew there was a lot more work to do, including taking action to reduce adult poverty and improving our outdated social assistance system, but we viewed our government's commitment as a foundation for real progress on poverty.

In the days leading up to the March 26 Ontario budget, as the province's jobless numbers mount into the tens of thousands, our government's commitment is more important than ever.


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