Submission to the Standing Committee on Social Policy with respect to
Bill 152 - An Act respecting a long-term strategy to reduce poverty in Ontario
April 20, 2009



The Social Planning Network of Ontario (SPNO) is pleased to have this opportunity to present its views on Bill 152 to the Standing Committee on Social Policy of the Ontario Legislature.

March 17, 2009

Timely investments will reduce poverty but also stimulate local economies

Just four months ago, Ontarians congratulated our provincial government for committing to reduce child poverty by 25 per cent in the next five years.

We knew there was a lot more work to do, including taking action to reduce adult poverty and improving our outdated social assistance system, but we viewed our government's commitment as a foundation for real progress on poverty.

In the days leading up to the March 26 Ontario budget, as the province's jobless numbers mount into the tens of thousands, our government's commitment is more important than ever.

A Letter to the Editor as published in the Toronto Star

in response to the article Defining Poverty

Tell us how you think poverty should be measured by leaving a comment to the posting on Poverty Watch Ontario .

The bar must be raised higher

April 21, 2008

Re: What's the true definition of poor?

April 19

How do any of us know how well we are doing financially? We think of how much money we make in a year. Do we have enough to pay our expenses every month? Are we falling into debt or able to save for vacations, house renovations, our children's education or whatever?


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