September 10, 2012

Cornwall – Board members of the Social Development Council have selected a new Executive Director to lead the local non-profit. Jody Souka-Marleau, a professor at St. Lawrence College and board member of the SDC, is pleased to officially announce and welcome Alex de Wit to the Council.

Having graduated from Carleton University, Mr. de Wit returned to his long time community. It is at Carleton University that Alex discovered the Paul Menton centre where, throughout his studies, he would work providing client-directed care to full-time students with physical disabilities enabling them to fully participate in an independent student life.

Following his passion for politics, Alex graduated with an Honours Degree in Political Science. As a member of the local M.P.Ps’ office team, his sympathetic ear and strong problem solving skills made him an asset to the office’s influx of calls from concerned community members.

In making the official announcement, Jody Souka-Marleau stated that "His presentation to the Board (…) was creative, inspiring and very well researched. I believe that his prior political experience will benefit the SDC.” His education and experience with a diverse population are clear indications that he is ready to build a stronger, healthier and more resilient community in Cornwall and the surrounding area.

The Social Development Council of Cornwall & Area is an independent, non-profit organization that successfully continues to promote social change by actively participating in building and strengthening the community through public education, research, innovation and facilitation.

For more information please contact:
Alex de Wit
Executive Director, Social Development Council of Cornwall & Area
Phone: 613-930-0211
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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